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Do you need a web-site of your own? ~ Whether it's for personal or commercial use, I can build one for you ~ All my coding is done to the standard

You may already be entitled to your own free web-site with your ISP & possibly a free domain name too ~ Discuss it with me and we'll see what can be done and how we can contain the costs

If you have a free site I can build your web pages directly on your site, or separately, then upload them - The advantages of a direct build is that there may be useful tools available on your ISP's site that would enable a variety of
eye-catching effects to be employed in an easy manner

On the other hand, building a web-site off-line then publishing it to the net, allows more time to experiment with different layouts and to test the finished product ~ We'd also need to consider how the site should be made attractive to search engines ~ The best site isn't worth much if no-one visits it!

Either way the images you use need to be carefully selected and should start out at high resolution ~ These images need to be compressed to reduce their load-time, and big pictures compress with less distortion than smaller ones

The fonts used have to be carefully selected to augment the overall design, as do their colours and sizes, and all must blend with the background chosen for the web-page

Talk it through with me and we can make yours a thing of beauty and a slick fast-loading and interesting site

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